The films about trans* people made by cis folks are like pretty trashy…


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12 Gender Neutral Gifts

A compilation of 12 Gender Neutral Gift Ideas: a guide for your loved one(s) this holiday season…

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12 Gender Neutral Gifts

A compilation of 12 Gender Neutral Gift Ideas: a guide for your loved one(s) this holiday season…

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Here are listed surgeons who perform various transgender surgeries in the US. It is meant to help people find surgeons operating in their area, but is not an endorsement. Before having surgery, you should do additional research into their practices.

NOTE TO USER: To search by procedure, there is a bar at the bottom of the page. Simply click on the surgeries you would like listed. For multiple surgeons operating in one city, you might have to zoom in a bit to be able to see them all.

LANGUAGE: The procedures we have listed use the language of FTM and MTF, but we by no means do we mean to exclude genderqueer peoples in this designation. Many surgeons operate on genderqueer or non-trans people, but for the purposes of this map, it was logistically easier to distinguish based on sex characteristics as opposed to identity.

Email any updates to

We started this project because we wanted people to be able to see where surgeons perform various trans-related surgeries throughout the US. Many times, there are not enough local resources to help a person find a close and competent surgeon, and so they must travel. As far as we can tell, there is no searchable map online that includes all of the procedures our map does, making it beneficial to all transpeople and not just FTMs.

After starting the project, however, it soon became difficult to sort through all of the information we had gathered, since we don’t live all over the US. We are in the process of reaching out to local groups in order to provide better locally-informed data. If you know of any organization or person that might be of benefit, please let us know ( If you have any additional questions or concerns about this project, please do not hesitate to voice them.

HI! Well, firstly I wanted to thank you for making this tumblr, I REALLY love it! And secondly, I'm a trans* guy in Southern California, and I know if I were to come out to my parents, they would probably kick me out or do something drastic like that. I've looked online and there aren't any websites or resources that could help me if I do decide to come out, and I was wondering if you knew of any safe places, or even any resources that could help me? Thank you so much!!

I don’t know how old you are, and that could affect your options here. But either way, if you live with your parents, my advice is pretty much the same. First off, I want to say that there is no shame in staying in the closet if it is necessary to your survival. Many people hold off transition for safety reasons. If that’s not something you feel like you can do, then be prepared. Look for places in your area that offer support. Do you have a support network outside of your house? Friends or other, more supportive family who might offer you a place to stay? If not, the Trans* Housing Network is somewhere that you might find somewhere safe to stay. Tumblr is a great place to start to find people who you can talk to. The more of a support network you make outside the home, the more comfortable you become with yourself and with telling others about you. Sometimes your family can surprise you, but it’s never a bad idea to be prepared.

your "transgender surgeon" map was pretty unclear do you think you could maybe rephrase that it sounded like you were outing transgender individuals who are surgeons not surgeons who perform sex-reassignment surgery

I can see where you are coming from and I appreciate the input, but I think we are going to leave it the way it is. The fact is, while there could be some confusion at first, as soon as someone looks at the map, they should know what we meant by Transgender Surgeons. We are not outing anyone (if outing was a concern, we would definitely change it). We used what we believe to be the most common wording people would search when looking for a surgeon. I hope that makes sense.


CW developing first mainstream show about a trans character



The CW has announced a new show in the works: “ZE,” an hour-long drama about a transgender teenager growing up in Texas. It will be the first mainstream show to be centered on a trans character.

The original, somewhat-insensitively written Hollywood Reporter post on the topic (linked in the much better Autostraddle coverage above) says that the main character will come out to his family as trans and navigate those relationships throughout his transition. 

Recently, more and more trans* characters have been getting roles on mainstream TV. There are characters like Adam Torres on DegrassiAlexis Meade from Ugly Betty and Unique from Glee, but none of them have been the main character of a show. This will mark the first primetime television show to have its main character be transgender. Additionally, trans* actresses like Laverne Cox in Orange is the New Black and Candis Cayne on Dirty Sexy Money and Elementary have been blazing trails by having trans* characters actually be played by trans* actors and actresses. Hopefully the CW will pick up where they have left off and cast a trans* actor in the lead role and any other roles that are for trans* characters. For the popular network to put a trans* actor in a starring role like this would be a great step in transgender visibility.

The CW does have some experience with trans* people on their shows. Back in 2008, Isis King was a transgender contestant on the eleventh cycle of America’s Next Top Model. She was eliminated in week five, but later returned in America’s Next Top Model: All Stars and has since had a successful career in the modeling and fashion worlds. Another transgender model, Virgg, was featured on the current cycle of the show.

As Autostraddle points out, it’s no longer unheard of to feature transgender characters on television, but it’s still pretty rare. In addition to a trans person being the main character as opposed to a side character, if this character actually uses the pronoun “ze,” as the show’s title would imply, that would be another pretty huge development; media has generally been slow to catch up on covering non-binary folks.


FCFF is now matching $4,000 of public donations instead of $3,000! Let’s raise this to $4,000!!!! DONATE NOW or reblog to spread the word. 


FCFF is now matching $4,000 of public donations instead of $3,000! Let’s raise this to $4,000!!!! 

DONATE NOW or reblog to spread the word. 


Genderqueer Survival Guide for Daily Life

Hey, non-binary/genderqueer folks!

Check out this blog- read/contribute to the “Genderqueer/Non-Binary Pocket Survival Guide for Daily Life”